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CTB Fiber Optic Services, specializes in fiber optic splicing and testing services with all of our work being guaranteed 110%.  We insure this guarantee by having a team of dedicated people who perform their work with these goals in mind: “Best Quality Workmanship for Customer Satisfaction”. We are capable of performing our services in new or existing, aerial or underground builds, as well as in POPS, remote sites, OCEF cabinets, transmission equipment, Fiber Management Systems, within any rack equipment. We have the experience and ability in building many types of enclosures to include; 3M, Coyote, Raychem, Fiberdome, Ditel, Windsor, ACT, among many others.

  Our technicians are experienced in single and mass fusion splicing as well as mechanical, terminations, connectorization and polishing. By utilizing the best equipment available, such as; Fujikura 20RS, 30S, 40S, Sumitomo 36S and type 65 mass fusion splicers, and the CMA 4000 OTDR, we are able to provide our customers the best possible splicing and documentation. We are experts with testing and trouble-shooting, ring cuts, in-service hot cuts and emergency restoration. Performing our duties in a safe and efficient manner is a MAIN priority. We maintain all traffic control set up required.   We are a dedicated company able to provide our customers with the highest level of quality in workmanship through the use of state of the art equipment and an experienced staff.  Each project is completed with great attention to detail and efficiency. CTB would be happy to provide your company with high quality job performance.

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Outside Plant Services:

  • Pre-Installation On-Reel Cable Testing
  • Post-Installation Reel Cable Testing 
  • Splice Closure Setup and Installation 
  • Fusion and Mechanical Fiber Optic Cable Splicing 
  • Fault / Break Locating and Repair 
  • Cable Restoration and Maintenance 
  • CATV Fiber Optic Node Splicing and Installation 
  • OSP Network Inspection and Troubleshooting

Inside Plant Services:

  • Fiber Optic Termination Bay Installation, Setup and Splicing
  • Direct Terminations of Fiber Optic Cable (ST, FC, SC, etc.) 
  • Fusion Splicing of Central Office, Hub or Head End Terminations 
  • Patchcord Installation and Testing 
  • Termination Panel Labeling and Port Assignment Verification 
  • ISP Network Inspection and Troubleshooting



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